Viktor Mauzer

iOS Developer at DECODE® Zagreb
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Made using SwiftUI, StayFitShop is a shopping application that enables users to browse and search products downloaded from the server and cached using Core Data Framework, add them to Cart, create their user profile and Checkout.

Stranger Chats

A Firebase programmatic UIKit chat app for people who have strange friends. Users can register their account, login, add friends via their email address, add their friends' profile image and chat. All data is synced to the Firebase Firestore database.

More Apps & Projects


A simple register/login screen to showcase the implementation of Combine Framework in UIKit with MVVM architecture. All fields are required and the password fields must match before the submit button is enabled.

To add the extra touch to the design, I used custom fonts and background for this form.

UIKit Combine MVVM Custom Fonts

Custom TabBar

This custom TabBar is made with SwiftUI buttons. Works on all device sizes and orientations. There is a state property "selectedTab" that tracks which tab button is pressed and switches over the enum to show the corresponding view as well as style the buttons.

Spring animations added to tabbar buttons for extra flare.

SwiftUI custom tabbar


Built using SwiftUI where the app filters content in a list based on a button press similar to the YouTube app on iOS (only the content is in image form, not video).

All categories are added to the selector automatically based on the included data. By tapping on each category, the list shows coresponding data.

SwiftUI customized list view MapKit


UIKit based side menu activated by button press for a Swift iOS app. To showcase the feature, I made an "email-like" app where users can open the menu by pressing the navigation bar button.

The menu slides from the left and shows possible categories to filter shown messages. To close the menu, users can tap on a category, tap at the empty spaces to the right or drag the menu to the left.

UIKit Storyboard xib


This is a simple content slider built using SwiftUI with the help of TabView and its custom TabViewStyle. I decided not to use the default index display mode so I made my own.

The slider works by dragging the image on top and the rest of the content updates by updating the selectedIndex property which is bound in TabView. This also updates the custom index display which I called the SlideIndicatorView.

SwiftUI custom index display mode


A Simple weather app made using OpenWeatherMap API for current weather conditions. Users can search weather conditions by city name or by tapping the location button to use their current location for fetching weather.

The background images change depending on the fetched weather data. There are a few options: cloudy, rain, snow, sunny and storm.

uikit storyboard api

FriendFace Challenge

I made this app while attending Paul Hudson's 100 days of SwiftUI course as a challenge set by Paul. The app needs to download data from the internet, save it device using CoreData asynchronously and display it in the UI.

I enjoyed this challenge so much I made a tutorial on how it's done on Medium. Check it out here -> FriendFace Challenge Tutorial

SwiftUI Challenge tutorial


Made during my iOS Development course by Dr. Angela Yu on Udemy using UIKit and storyboards. The user can input their weight and height information using sliders and calculate their BMI by pressing the calculate button.

The value is calculated and presented in a new view controller modally. Pressing the recalculate button dismisses the view controller.

uikit storyboard