Website owner information

Owner of this website is me: Viktor Mauzer, Croatia


This website was built with privacy in mind and this privacy page will inform you about how your data is being collected and processed.

Last updated: 15. February 2022

Data being collected by me

Only data being collected by me, the website owner is your name and your email address if you decide to contact me by sending me an email. This data will be stored in my gmail account, used only by me and protected with 2 factor authentication. I will never share this data (your name and email) with anyone else, however our communication by email will be stored for up to two years in my inbox. You can read more about Google's privacy in gmail here.

Data collected by third parties

I built this website with privacy in mind so I am not using any kind of analytics software like Google Analytics, Facebook pixels and similar. That being said, this website is hosted by GitHub Pages and GitHub does collect visitor data as the host of the website. GitHub is GDPR compliant and may collect your information for logs of IP addresses, to comply with legal obligations and maintain security and integrity of their service. Read more about GitHub privacy (Especially section about GitHub Pages in Additional Services) here.


I use Twitter to stay connected to my developer peers and this website has a number of links to my Twitter profile. If you decide to visit my Twitter profile by clicking any of those links, you should know how they handle your data by reading more about their privacy policy here.

Cookies and storage

This website does not store cookies.

Website Fonts

This website uses Montserrat font which is a Google Font. However, this website loads this font directly from the server which means the font is not embedded. That being said, this service is used in the legitimate interest of uniform and appealing presentation of this website Article 6(1)f of General Data Protection Law.

Your rights

How to exercise those rights

If you wish to exercise any of these rights, contact me through the contact information at the top of the page. Any requests will be free of charge and handled within one month.