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Hi, I'm

Viktor Mauzer

SWIFT iOS Developer line-dots
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Made using SwiftUI, StayFitShop is a shopping application that enables users to browse and search products downloaded from the server and cached using Core Data Framework, add them to Cart, create their user profile and Checkout.

Stranger Chats

A Firebase programmatic UIKit chat app for people who have strange friends. Users can register their account, login, add friends via their email address, add their friends' profile image and chat. All data is synced to the Firebase Firestore database.


A Simple weather app made using OpenWeatherMap API for current weather conditions. Users can search weather conditions by city name or by tapping the location button to use their current location for fetching weather.

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More Apps

BMI Calculator

Easy to use app I made as homework for iOS development course. Users can set their weight & height using sliders and calculate their body mass index (BMI). See it on GitHub:


FriendFace Challenge

This is my solution to Paul Hudson's 100DaysOfSwiftUI course challenge. App loads data from a sample JSON file and displays it using async/await.



A simple content slider built using SwiftUI with the help of TabView and its custom TabViewStyle with my own custom index display.