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My name is Viktor, I come from Croatia and I'm actively learning swift to become an iOS developer. This journey started summer 2021 as I decided to switch my focus from web development towards iOS.

I chose iOS because I love how Apple spends huge amounts of effort making amazing, polished software and I wanted to be a part of that. In my experience as a web developer, I always did my best to incorporate that ethos into my own code as much as possible.

I worked for about 2 years as a web developer/designer and graphic designer for a company in Croatia making news websites, web shops, landing pages, promotional graphic designs etc. I worked with wordpress developing themes and adjusting plugins in php, front-end with html, css and mostly vanilla javascript and I like to use Affinity Designer as my graphic design software.

All of that is cool, but ever since I tried iOS development, it's stolen my focus completely 👨🏻‍💻

In my spare time I like to play guitar and videogames, watch horror movies and go for long drives.